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Hi, I am Srinath 'Sri' Upadhyayula. I am from Hyderabad, India, where I completed my bachelor's in Computer Science and Information Technology. In my journey to peruse a career in game development, I traveled to London, U.K and graduated with a University of Wales affiliated masters degree in Computing. Most recently, I graduated with a masters certificate from SMU Guildhall.

 Making me stop playing any video game was the most frequent father-son battles growing up. "YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 10 HOURS!". Well, that next level was not going to play itself. I was just trying to help out. *sigh*


In one of the attempts to make me stop playing the original Age of Empires, my uncle angrily shouted, "Real men make games!". Well, I was a 12yr old boy, I went on to complete the campaign as it was my boyish duty; but the idea of making games myself remained with me forever. Make games? Me? AWESOME!

Ever since, I looked for ways to get into the games industry. I pursued a computer science based undergrad, did a crash course on character modelling in Maya, tried out the distance learning course with Train2Game, England, and eventually graduated with a masters certificate from SMU Guildhall.

Game                                                    Why


XCOM 2                                                Aliens must die!

Dragon Age Origins                              Dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition                         MORE Dragons

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor          FOR FRODO!

Mount and Blade: Warband                  Horses and Lances

Don Bradman Ashes Cricket                Not Sure



C++   C#  JavaScript


DirectX11   HLSL


Visual Studio 2017 JetBrains Rider       

Unreal Engine 4    Unity 2018

JIRA     Perforce       Git


A* Path Finding  Data-Driven AI  

Behavior Trees   UDP Networking

Procedural Generation    ECS

C# Job System

Other Interests

Epic Fantasy Novels: Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive, The Mistborn Saga, etc


Outdoor: Cricket, thinking about getting indoors, and an undying dream of getting in shape.


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