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Gameplay Trailer

Video courtesy teammate Alex Shilts

Gravitas was a finalist in the E3 2016 College Game Competition, and has been Greenlit on Steam! We're still working on getting it published.

Project Overview

Single-player 3D Puzzle-Platformer for the PC.

The game transports the player to the Gallery of Refined Gravity (GoRG), a futuristic contemporary art gallery designed around gravity manipulation technology. 


The Curator, a quirky artist in the form of a floating cube-shaped robot, gives the Player a special Gravity Glove that can create gravity fields, and guides them through the GoRG, hoping to inspire them with his brilliant new medium.

Gravitas is a student project developed as part of the SMU Guildhall masters program.

Role:                                 Software Engineer

Genre:                               3D Puzzle

Engine:                             Unreal 4.1.x

Languages:                      C++, Blueprints

Development Time:         20 Weeks


Team Size:                 13

Engineers:                    3

Artists:                          3

Designers:                    6

Producers:                    1

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